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(╯✧∇✧)╯ Alas! Frames is now open for prejoin! I know you guys waited for more than a year for this TCG to get launched, but it's here now. I have checked pretty much every important corner of this TCG, but then again, any spotted or encountered error must be reported on our Discord's #error-report channel. Please make sure you're on Frame's section, as a lot of you are also a member of the other TCGs under the same server, hahaha!

Moving on, those of you who donated during the pre-prejoin phase already have their rewards sent to their rewards chest. And I must say, some of you had really gave it their all during this phase. (/^▽^)/ Regarding these rewards, I highly suggest that you claim them at a later time (e.g. if we have a hundred decks released) so you won't get the same decks all over again coz some really got a high amount of cards for the pre-prejoin rewards alone.

Our Weekly, Set A and Monthly games are already playable! So, you can start playing after joining. You don't have to wait to get approved to start playing, but please make sure you have already uploaded your starter pack.

Event Cards

I'm pretty much excited to release some event cards for this first official update! Please forgive for being excited, I too waited for this one to get done. Pretty much the easiest TCG I will be having after Gleam and Shizen get back on their feet, one step at a time I always say... ╰(・∇・╰)

Event Cards: ec-102023, ec-50decks, ec-prejoin

Closing Notes

Since Frames' weekly update is every Sundays, and yeah I opened up half-way of the week, LOL, I will be seeing you all on October 29th, Sunday! This will give me enough time to correct any errors you may encounter or do during the first one and a half week of the prejoin period. That will be all for today, welcome everyone! Please enjoy your stay at Frames~ (。・ω・。)ノ♡