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So yeah, I wasn't expecting it to auto publish my drafted update LOL. I guess the daily cron job did its job. (*〇□〇)……!Moving forward, I have no idea about the time zone conversion of my host to PH time, so I had to manually run the weekly cron script. And by doing so, I was able to pin point the errors it has, making SQ's weekly cron a headache to us LOL. But that'll be fixed now, so that there will be minimum updates to do for the admins.

I know I still owe some of you their milestone cards! I will be passing them all to you later today! Other than that, there isn't much of an update for now. But I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in reporting errors of Frames, and to welcome you all as well! I do hope everyone is enjoying their time yet, even though we had more than a week before a new update came by. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و We were able to manage them pretty smoothly, yay~!

Closing Notes

From this day forward, weekly updates will be automatically posted by 12:00 midnight GMT+8 if ever I get an answer from my host regarding time zone conversion. Which means, everyone can play whatever when the updates are up. No need to wait for me to make an announcement on Discord. However, if there's a need to make an update such as major errors and circumstances, the posted update will be edited and an announcement on Discord will be made. Or if it was encountered/happened mid-way the update week, the announcement will be posted on the next update. Whenever it is feasible for me to make.

That will be all from me for today! Our next major update will be on next Sunday, November 5th GMT+8, so I will be seeing you all by then! ♡(ŐωŐ人)

Wishing Stars

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  1. MioI wish for double game rewards from the Weekly set!    No need to refresh the rewards page!
  2. LokiI wish for choice cards spelling HAUNTED!   

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