Mid-week disturbance!

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This isn't really a major TCG update where we welcome new members, congratulate masteries and level ups and all that stuff. This is just your typical monthly update (which shouldn't be done for mini TCGs lol). But here it is now, anyway. So, without further ado, I would like everyone to know that this day marks the GRAND OPENING of Frames TCG! (。>ω<)。

You might be wondering, but saya and I talked about this—opening Sidequest and Frames simultaneously. More TCGs to open, more fun LOL.

Moving forward, the #overview channel has some updated information that you may want to check out. I will also add these to their respective sections on site.

Event Cards

I'm bringing you some new event cards to start off the month of November. Some of the event cards were released kind of late, I know. I'm sorry about that! I was just too focused on prejoin phase that I forgot about them, firsthand. (´-﹏-`;)

Event Cards: ec-112023, ec-25members, ec-grandopening, ec-layout01, ec-autumn2023, ec-halloween2023

Also a little token for everyone for being here with us and currently enjoying the TCG. We are giving you two freebies for this month! You may only take 2 cards per deck for both of these freebies.
- PREJOIN Click here to pull (We don't have any released decks that starts with letter J, so this is a free choice for you! Kindly specify the card you've taken for this letter on the comments section.)
- GRAND OPENING Click here to pull
If you encounter an error with our freebies, kindly report them ASAP on our #error-reportchannel.

And that's a wrap for our first monthly update!