Cards : Donated Decks

Below is the complete list of our donated decks. These decks are no longer subject for claiming and/or donation and are already on its way to being made. Make sure to check this list first before sending in a donation.

Category Deck Name Series Donator
Cartoons A Dream Coming True (adreamcomingtrue) Cinderella Emelie
Anime A Girl in Gaea (agirlingaea) Tenkuu no Escaflowne Aki
Games Alchemist & Witch (alchemistandwitch) Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky Aki
Manga An Ancient Love (anancientlove) Red River Aki
Artbook Angels and Demons (angelsanddemons) Vampire Knight Claire
Manhwa Animal Doodles (animaldoodles) Debut or Die Cassidy
Games A Simple Apothecary (asimpleapothecary) Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk Aki
Games Caterpillar Garden (caterpillargarden) Alice: Madness Returns Inky
Games Created by the Stars (createdbythestars) Granblue Fantasy Lulu
Games Crystal Fury (crystalfury) Guild Wars 2 Inky
Artbook Dance in the Night (danceinthenight) Vampire Knight Claire
Games Deluded Depths (deludeddepths) Alice: Madness Returns Inky
Artbook Dhampir (dhampir) Vampire Hunter D Aki
Artbook Diabolik Graveyard (diabolikgraveyard) Diabolik Lovers Claire
Anime Family Picnic (familypicnic) Spy x Family Yujing
Games Flame and Frost (flameandfrost) Guild Wars 2 Inky
Manga Flower Girl (flowergirl) Kobato Yujing
Games Kirkwall Gates (kirkwallgates) Dragon Age II Claire
Manga Let Me Be With You (letmebewithyou) Chobits Yujing
Cartoons Light in the Sky (lightinthesky) Tangled Emelie
Games Long Live the King (longlivetheking) Granblue Fantasy Lulu
Manga Lotus Pond (lotuspond) Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle Yujing
Games Lowtown Market (lowtownmarket) Dragon Age II Claire
Artbook Memories of Summertime (memoriesofsummertime) Moomin Emelie
Games Mesmerizing (mesmerizing) Guild Wars 2 Inky
Artbook Mukami Brothers (mukamibrothers) Diabolik Lovers Claire
Artbook Nightwalker (nightwalker) Vampire Hunter D Aki
Games Our Dream Field (ourdreamfield) Show By Rock!! Lulu
Games Rainbow Heroes (rainbowheroes) Guild Wars 2 Inky
Games Reaper Attacks London (reaperattackslondon) Mass Effect 3 Claire
Artbook Sakamaki Brothers (sakamakibrothers) Diabolik Lovers Claire
Games Servants of Undeath (servantsofundeath) World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Emelie
Games Suicide Crew (suicidecrew) Mass Effect 2 Claire
Games The Dollhouse (thedollhouse) Alice: Madness Returns Inky
Games Theft of the Rimet Cup (theftoftherimetcup) Reverse 1999 Yujing
Artbook Together in the Forest (togetherintheforest) Vampire Knight Claire
Games Treasure Hunt (treasurehunt) Hearthstone Emelie
Games Tundraful (tundraful) Alice: Madness Returns Inky
Games Two Red Ribbons (tworedribbons) I-chu Lulu
Games United We Stand (unitedwestand) Guild Wars 2 Inky
Games We Are All Mad Here (weareallmadhere) Alice: Madness Returns Inky
Games White Rabbit (whiterabbit) Twisted Wonderland Lulu
Games Year of the Rabbit (yearoftherabbit) Granblue Fantasy Lulu